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Wether on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, creating and publishing a heysite is fast and easy. Reach your target audience with just a few clicks on all digital platforms as well as via email, SMS and messengers. heysites are perfect for events, promotions and campaigns.

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Sign up with your social media account or email. Choose a username, upload a profile picture or logo. Done.

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With our wizard it takes just four steps to build your landing page. Use images from or even animated gifs from as a background image.

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Share automatically (heyPro-Account) or manually with just a few clicks to social networks and messengers. Lead more traffic to your heysite.


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Why heysite?

We live in times in which software contributes to the democratization of various industries. Things that were once reserved for experts are now accessible to everyone. heysite is here to open the field of online advertising to everyone. heysite radically simplifies and accelerates the creation of your landing pages.

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